Why is sugar bad for your health?


When you eat too much sugar, its pleasant taste also makes you forget its dangers. But you should be aware that it can be extremely harmful to your health.

Sweet drinks, candies, tomato sauce, processed food and all the rest of sweetened aliments are the main source of added sugar and high calories. Even tough, added sugar is nearly hard to spot on the nutriments labels, it is usually named as agave nectar, palm sugar, sucrose, maple or carob syrup, castor sugar and so on… no matter what the name was, it remains the same thing: added sugar, And it can harm your body and your brain.

Sugar can makes your skin age faster

The appearance of wrinkles is a natural sign of aging, they appear eventually by time, but bad diet and bad habits can cause them and speed the aging process of the skin. Excess sugar damages your skin by a natural process named glycation. Adding to that, a lot of skin problems such as rosacea and pimples are caused by the huge quantity of sugar you consume per day.

Moreover, sugar can increase inflammation which breaks the collagen and decreases the elasticity of your skin. And that’s how the skin loses its silkiness and softness. 

Sugar increases the risk of heart attacks, tiredness, obesity… 

While we all prefer to have a great delicious meal composed of high levels of added sugar; we forget that we are exposing our body and our brain to a huge danger which is; mood swings, heart diseases, stress, tiredness, dizziness, etc… these are the majority of problems you will have while consuming lots of added sugar. That is the reason why you should be careful while reading the nutrition labels to know what you are going to consume, and to be aware of the quantity of sugar you will have. 

In the other hand, sugar can affect the function of your immunity, studies have proven that sugar may contribute in the creation of infections and decrease the effectiveness of fighting illness.

Sugar harms your teeth

It is right that sweets have a direct relationship with your teeth and can rot them so easily and quickly for the simple reason that bacteria and saliva present in your mouth like eating sugar leafs after you eat something sweet. Also, studies have shown that consuming more sugar and especially without brushing your teeth properly, can cause automatically arthritis.

Adding to that, sugar can generate toothache, gum problems, oral infections…

Sugar can make you go through a deep circle of depression

It is known that healthy food helps you to improve your mood, but consuming processed food which contains high levels of sugar such as cakes and sugary drinks makes you develop a feeling of sadness and depression.

A study has shown that men, who consumed more than 50 grams of sugar a day, were 30% more likely to develop depression than the ones who ate less than 45 grams per day.

Finally, sugar is not a bad nutriment itself, but the main problem is how you consume it, and the quantity you are having per day, that’s why it is so important to read the labels before buying any sort of product.

However, natural sugar is way better for health than added sugar. You can effectively consume more sweet fruits, honey bee, dark chocolate, nuts… in order to substitute the added sugar by a natural one.

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