The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition


We often hear talking about vegetarianism, veganism or plant-based diets and about how beneficial and cool to be a vegan person. There are many reasons people go for a plant-based diet but the most common one is to promote their health.

But, the new dilemma is why to opt for a plant-based diet instead of the normal diet that includes meat… that’s why we are going to list some of the most important virtues of plant-based nutrition.

In fact, a plant-based diet often consists of consuming plants such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts. But, if you eat mostly plants with a small quantity of animal based protein like eggs, seafood or meat, you are still considered as a plant-based eater, according to nutritionists. The principal idea is only to eat less animal products and processed food.

It has been shown that people adopting a plant based diet tend to have lower levels of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes than those who consume primarily meat. Plant based diets are a rich source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and water present in vegetables and fruits.

Doctors tend to recommend this kind of nutrition to their patients, especially those who are suffering from high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes.

Plant based nutrition can be effective for weight loss

Doctors say that fruits and vegetables are lower in calories than meat for example, but also higher in many important nutrients. So, by following a diet which is lower in calories, you will realize a weight loss automatically.

Adding to this, fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber which make you feel full and saturated, without adding any other calories.

So try to eat more vegetables, include whole grains into your breakfast meal, eat fruits as a snack and avoid eating animal products.

Plant based diet can promote your immune system

Eating more plants enhances the health of your digestive system, so that it can be able to absorb the maximum of nutrients from food you eat. That’s how fruits and vegetables can contribute to improve your immunity and decrease inflammation. 

Also, a plant based meal is rich of fiber; this substance is perfectly able to create a good bowel movement.

Plant based diets can help to reduce the risk of getting diabetes

A vegan diet contains very high rates of fiber and antioxidants, which can regulate blood sugar, and manage the existing diabetes as a result.

A study has shown that vegetarians were less likely to develop diabetes, compared to those who ate meat daily, or at least once a week.

A plant based diet might lower your blood pressure

Hypertension and High blood pressure can enhance the risk of getting heart diseases, type2 diabetes and stroke; they are both common and deadly diseases. Several researches from worldwide have proved that sticking with a vegetarian diet might bring your blood pressure down.

To sum up, it is not that easy to switch to a plant-based nutrition once for all, but you can achieve your goal by going gradually to it. So try to get some vegan recipes and make a meal plan for all the week, to make it easier.

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