Here Are 10 signs that you are eating a lot of sugar


2. You Are Often Tired

The famous “strokes” we encounter during the day are often the consequence of our diet – especially when sugar intakes are too high.

“We sometimes observe reactive hypoglycaemia induced by a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, followed by an equally sudden drop accompanied by dizziness, a drop in energy, and an overwhelming hunger,” explains Sandra Ferreira, a dietician-nutritionist in the Paris region.

So it’s not a question of constant fatigue over time, but rather variations in energy. Véronique Liesse points out that sugar is not the only cause of these dietary changes.


“There are also foods that are low in sugar, which are hyperglycemic. Cornflakes, for example, contain only 8% sugar, which is low. Yet they cause reactive hypoglycaemia. This is also the case with rice cakes,” explains the specialist.