Here Are 10 signs that you are eating a lot of sugar


Sugar is undeniably delicious. You love to eat your snack even if you’re a little older and, for you, breakfast can only be sweet. How well we understand you! What’s more, you’ve been lulled into it since your earliest childhood: eating sugar gives children energy … As you grew up, the myth collapsed because when we talk about sugar as an energy source, we are talking about slow sugar, i.e. carbohydrates . Oops.

What’s more, if you ingest sugar in large quantities, it becomes harmful to your health. Because, you see, added sugars – found in soft drinks, candies, cakes and pies, cookies, dairy desserts like ice cream or industrial fruit juices – have no nutritional value. They only give you “empty” calories that have a negative impact on your health and weight. Here are some signs that it’s time to get away from sugar!

Here Are 10 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar


1. Muscle And Joint Pain


Do you feel like you’ve stopped taking regular walks, gardening or playing golf because you have muscle aches? This may be one of the many signs your body uses to warn you about the inflammatory processes that occur inside your body. High amounts of sugar in your diet cause immune cells to secrete inflammatory messengers into your bloodstream that try to break down the end products of advanced glycation, or protein bound to a glucose molecule.


The more sugar you eat, the more advanced glycation end products will appear, causing more inflammatory messengers to be sent to break the cycle. Such a cascade of biochemical reactions could eventually lead to arthritis, cataracts, heart disease, poor memory or wrinkled skin.