Here 10 Sugar-Rich Foods (To Avoid)


2. Dried Fruits

Again, the fruits are fresher, as the dried versions have water artificially removed from them. Certainly, dried fruits are bad because of the high sugar content in them. You can find a wide selection of these in supermarkets everywhere. Take an apricot as an example, while 30 g contains 17 calories, a half cup of dried apricots contains about 170 calories (1).

3. Energy Drinks


Stacking your shopping cart with colored drinks is not always advisable. The cola drink argument has been going on for some time. Beyond that, iced tea mixes, juice concentrates, flavoured milk and all similar bottled drinks are full to overflowing with sugars, giving you over 200 calories for just a few sips (2). All you have to do is turn around the bottle and look at the labels. Energy drinks, obviously, give you tremendous energy. However, the question is, are you spending it?