Diabetes myths you shouldn’t believe


Diabetes is the disease that affects the use of glucose in the body, glucose is the fuel of the body to keep it working and running normally.

So here is the process, when you eat a sweet snack, glucose present in the food gets into your bloodstream,  the pancreas generates a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps glucose to get into body cells, so that you can get more energy to move and work. But if someone has diabetes, his body either cannot provide him with insulin, or the insulin generated doesn’t work well. That’s why the glucose can’t get into the cell which means that the sugar level in the blood is too high. A high level of sugar in the blood makes you suffer from diabetes. 

Otherwise, there are plenty of ideas and misconceptions about diabetes that are false but reported as general facts. These myths can turn out to be harmful. This article will put the light on some myths about diabetes.

People suffering from diabetes should not eat fruits

Fruits must be a large part of a balanced diet, they contain an important amount of fiber, natural sugar and other nutrients, but they are still lower in sugar than sweets, cookies and cakes.

They can provide you with lots of benefits while keeping your blood sugar in the right target.

BS: avoid consuming lots of figs, because they are with 8 grams of sugar in a medium-size fig. you can opt for apples, pomegranate, mangos, strawberries, avocado…

Diabetes is not that serious

You should put in mind that all types of diabetes are chronic diseases which can’t be cured and can lead to dangerous complications if they weren’t well managed. Diabetes causes more deaths every year than cancers, so having diabetes multiplies your chances of having a heart attack if you don’t take it seriously. The good news is that you can live with it normally if you control it and pursue a good and healthy diet with good medical treatment.

Diabetes affects only obese people

While it is common that overweight people are the only ones who suffer from diabetes the most, science has proved that only 20% of people with diabetes are fat, and the others are with normal weight or underweight. Otherwise you can have high blood sugar even if you are thin, it is called Lean diabetes. That means that people of all sizes and shapes can develop diabetes.

Diabetes is a contagious disease

Actually, you can’t get diabetes from any other person, because it is developed inside the body and it can’t contaminate others, which means it can’t be caught like a simple cold or flu.

While it is possible to get a lot of diseases from having sex like HIV, herpes…, diabetes can’t be transferred during the sexual act.

All in all, even if diabetes is a serious disease, it can be managed easily with the right recommendations and the right lifestyle.

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