Are nuts good for your health?


It is known that nuts such as almonds, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and pecans… are good sources of many nutrients such as fat, calories, protein, vitamin E, carbs and fiber.

Even if some nuts are higher in certain nutrients than the others, they still good and able to be eaten whatever your diet was. But generally, nuts are a great food to eat on a low-carb diet.

To sum up, nuts are low in carbs, but at the same time a great source of many other nutrients, especially selenium, manganese and vitamin E.

Nuts may lower the cholesterol

A study has shown that people suffering from obesity, and eating pistachios a lot, had a control result; 33% lower than the previous ones; due to the quantity of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the nuts.

Adding to that, hazelnuts and almonds proved their efficiency in reducing cholesterol levels, they have the same great effect than macadamia nuts on it.

Boosting your sexual desire by consuming more nuts

It has been scientifically shown that consuming more than 40 grams of nuts per day improves your sexual desire and boosts the quality of the sexual act.

Science says that adding nuts to your diet improves your performance and enhances your sexual life. Pistachios for example are a great nut for sex. It has been proved that eating 100 g of pistachios a day for three weeks can improve erectile function. They can improve as well blood flow, and the cholesterol profile.

Nuts may reduce the risk of getting a heart attack

Nuts are known as a great remedy for your heart, it has been shown that nuts reduce the level of cholesterol, and that is why they contribute into the process of lowering Heart diseases. They can eventually ease the blood flow and relaxe the blood vessels.

All in all, nuts are extremely benefic for your health including your heart, they are highly recommended for people suffering from cholesterol, and artery problems. 

Add nuts to your diet

Like any other healthy food, you can snack on them by taking a handful or a packet of various nuts and eat them whenever you are hungry or between meals. If you are buying a package of nuts, make sure that they don’t contain any additives like sugar, or sodium. Adding to that, putting nuts into a salad can boost its benefits, and makes it healthier.

Also, even if they are healthy and good for your body and brain, you should take in consideration that they tend to be high in calories.

Otherwise, you can eat nut butter or drink nut milk in order to avoid cow’s milk for those who have sensitivity from lactose, you can pick them easily from any market or store.

Can you eat nuts every day?

Actually, science says yes, people who eat nuts everyday live longer than those who don’t, that’s the reason why doctors recommend eating a handful of nuts at least every week.

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