Are Dried Cranberries Good for You?

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Cranberries are one of the tastiest and the healthiest berries ever that can be blended into a smoothie, mixed into juice or baked. However, you will not often eat them fresh, but also as a healthy snack once they are dried.

 In this article, we will talk specifically about dried cranberries, their nutritive virtues and how do they aid digestion, weight loss, etc….  

Dried cranberries like any other dried fruit, offer you plenty of nutritional values; they are fully loaded with several kinds of good nutrients such as antioxidants and many vitamins too. They might reduce heart attacks; prevent the urinary tract infection (UTI), help to realize weight loss, improve eyesight and improve cardiovascular health. 

Dried cranberries prevent urinary tract infection

Researches have proved that dried cranberries can help lessen the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) in certain persons, especially women and children since they are more susceptible to get the infection than men. 

When you consume dried cranberries, you get a great dose of proanthocyanidins. These substances are kinds of antioxidants that help to fight off the sticking bacteria on your urinary tract walls.

Dried cranberries will not cure the infection if it has already started, they only prevent it. 

Dried cranberries enhance oral health

Fresh or dried cranberries promote dental health and support oral care.

They contain particular antioxidants from the flavonoid family, called proanthocyanidins. They maintain oral health; stop bacteria from sticking on the tooth, damaging it; generating arthritis, gum diseases and toothache…

Dried cranberries are fat-free

Nutritionists say that you should be careful about the amount of fat you take every single day, which should not go over 44 and 78 grams.

Dried cranberries are fat-free and do not contain cholesterol, saturated or Trans fats, they are perfect to be eaten as a snack, without worrying about gaining weight or becoming obese.

Cranberries either fresh or dried can’t be helpful in a weight loss process, but they are low in calories and can be involved in any weight loss diet.

Dried cranberries ease the digestion process

Dried cranberries eventually help to normalize the PH of the stomach. Also, Fibers present in dried cranberries aid to stimulate the bowel movement to make it regular.

Adding to that, they promote overall gut health; researches have proved that they can maintain gut bacteria in people who adopt an animal-based diet. Otherwise, if you are tending to eat big quantities of red meat, sugar … cranberries can help you out to put back the good bacteria in your digestive system.

Dried cranberries can boost your immunity

One cup of dried cranberries contains a very important amount of vitamin C, which is able to give your immune system a great boost.

How to include dried cranberries into your diet

The best way to eat cranberries is in their natural form, all fresh. Otherwise you can eat them dried by adding them to your smoothie bowel, or to your muffins, you can also take a handful of dried cranberries and eat them as a simple snack.

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