A Month Prior To A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Alert You With These 8 Warning Signals


The best treatment is often prevention. This rule is valid for all types of diseases, especially in cases where symptoms appear that we have often ignored.

MynutritionMag shows you the eight symptoms of a possible heart attack, which usually occur one month before or even earlier. Don’t be paranoid for all that, but pay attention to your health, and especially to that of your loved ones who belong to a risk group, which we present at the end of the article.

Here are 8 Signs of a Heart Attack You Need to Know :


8. Fatigue

Lack of strength is one of the warning signs of a heart attack in women. In men, it is more rare.

  • Description: This fatigue is not related to physical or mental exercise, and is felt more at the end of the day. Sometimes it makes it difficult to do simple things, like making your bed or showering.

7. Abdominal pain

Pain in the upper abdomen, nausea on an empty stomach and/or after eating, stomach inflammation: one or more of these symptoms occur in both men and women.


  • Description: Stomach discomfort related to a heart attack is temporary in nature. Sometimes it passes and sometimes it reappears. The pain increases during physical activity.