Here Are 8 Things Your Lips Are Telling You About Your Health


Our lips have more than a million nerve endings & are much more sensitive than our fingertips. They need special care. Sometimes they can signal to us that we have some real problems with our health & that we need to pay proper attention to these conditions.

You can’t improvise a beautiful mouth. There are unavoidable steps:

  • Protect: Winter is coming to an end & our lips may look like dry prunes! Having luscious lips means above all thinking about moisturizing them as soon as you set foot outside. Did you miss the check mark in very cold weather? There’s still time to fix it.
  • My advice: buy pure, undenatured shea butter, such as Karethic’s “Absolute”.
  • My tip: place the jar next to your front door & remember to brush your lips before going out.
  • Technique: shea is quite hard, so it’s not easy to take… The simplest & most hygienic way is to use your thumbnail (clean of course) & push the surface of the product away.

Here are 8 Things Your Lips Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health :


1. Cracks at the corners of your mouth

When you salivate, there may be some left on the corners of your mouth. When this saliva dries, it leaves small cracks that can become slightly infected & turn red.


If this happens to you often, you should definitely talk to your doctor!