Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Naturally Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay


Do you still believe in the tooth fairy? It’s time to stop & become your own tooth fairy! Your teeth, just like any other part of your body, require your attention & proper care. If you don’t like visiting the dentist, you can try to prevent dental decay on your own. Doctors advise combining excellent dental hygiene with some simple dietary changes.

Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Naturally Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay

1. Changing your eating habits.

Changing your eating habits & switching to a healthy diet always helps boost your health, no matter what your goal is. A study published in The British Medical Journal suggested that a change in diet can actually reverse tooth decay. We already know that the consumption of products rich in sugar leads to teeth decay & that phytic acid can block the absorption of calcium. However, if you change your eating habits, you may never face such problems.

  1. Get more calcium. It’s the main building component of your bones and teeth. Eat dairy products every day (yogurt, cheese, sour cream, & milk).
  2. Drink unsweetened beverages. Avoid drinking juices, sodas, & fizzy drinks. You can try simple fruit smoothies, water, & unsweetened tea. Water has a lot of good effects on your body including increased hydration & a higher flow of saliva.