Here are 12 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Sewer


2. Dental floss

Flossing is a real horror to your toilet. Not only can it twist and grab all kinds of debris and clog the pipes, but it can also get into your septic tank’s engine and damage it. So if you want to avoid that, you know what to do.

3. Bubble gum


Crazy but true! Some people do! It takes five years for gum to degrade and does not dissolve in water, contrary to what some people think. It can also clog your toilet by sticking to the walls of your pipes. Wrap it in a piece of paper and throw it in the garbage.

4. Fish

First of all, the dead fish do not go down the toilet at all, despite all that we have seen about it. Then, if they’re alive, don’t you ever think it’s totally inhuman? These little animals deserve better than to disappear by flushing the toilet.


Canadian utilities have asked the people of Alberta not to throw away their live fish. They say that the golden fish thrown out by their ugly owners are making themselves king of the pipes and are moving to other areas where they prevent other species from growing.