Here Are 10 Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily


9. Use dry shampoos

To remove this annoying shiny look from hair that greases too quickly, divide the hair into strands and apply dry shampoo to the roots, like hairspray, from a distance of 20-25 cm.

If the shampoo is powdered (talcum type) apply it directly to the roots. Wait 10 minutes and brush your hair. The dry shampoo will create a layer around oily hair and give it a clean look for a few more hours.

8. Don’t neglect accessories

If you have bangs, a nice scarf can help you create a new hairstyle. All you have to do is wash the bangs or find a way to hide them. Scarf hairstyles go very well with hair that is tied up or let down. Bandanas are also very useful for short hair.


You can hide your oily hair with hair clips, patterned ribbons or pretty flower headbands.