Here Are 10 Dangerous Foods You Should Never Put in The Fridge


We tend to think of the refrigerator as a tool to preserve food for as long as possible. With most foods, that’s true. Without the fridge we couldn’t keep meat, dairy products, or many types of produce in the house. Refrigerators truly are a modern miracle that revolutionized the way families eat.

But as it turns out, there are certain foods that actually lose freshness in the refrigerator. Sometimes chilling food diminishes the flavor or changes the texture.

You’ll want to review all 10 of the foods on our list to improve your cooking and enjoy your food more. If you’ve been putting #9 in the fridge, you have probably never tasted a truly delicious one of these.

Storing the following foods at room temperature can actually help you avoid inadvertently wasting so much good stuf.

Here are 10 Dangerous Foods You Should Never Put in The Fridge

1. Bananas

At this point, it should not be necessary to repeat it because it is well known, but if there is anyone clueless, here we go: bananas never go to the fridge because if they’re kept at a cold temperature, the enzymes that enable them to ripen are inhibited. And as those enzymes become inactive, other enzymes operate more efficiently. Some cause cell damage, while others (browning enzymes) cause the skin to blacken.


A trick to delay this process is to put them in an airtight plastic bag with half a lemon. But better if we leave them out to delay their maturation, there is no need to expect miracles.